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Financial consulting

When planning international cargo transportation, the financial issue often comes first. For registration and implementation of a foreign trade transaction, which includes the purchase of goods, customs clearance, delivery of goods, a complete, properly prepared package of documents is required. How to draw up a contract correctly and on what terms? How to issue commercial documents in accordance with the reporting requirements in the Russian Federation? How to make timely payment for the goods? How to correctly calculate all upcoming expenses, including payment of customs duties, permits, delivery of goods, etc.?

The employees of the company INTERLOG will offer an expert solution and favorable conditions for the cost and quality of these services.

Any operations related to the import of goods abroad need comprehensive support. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to conclude a foreign trade deal. The process of its registration includes many formal nuances and complexities, which the participants of foreign economic activity may simply not know about.

An Interlog financial consulting specialist will help to avoid obstacles when importing goods from China and other countries. We provide services to establish balanced financial relations with suppliers and simplify the procedure for concluding transactions. Our clients can count on detailed consultations in the field of registration of foreign trade contracts, trading on the stock exchange, cash settlements with suppliers, etc. The company's specialists will help in assembling and preparing the necessary documentation required to prove the legality of the imported cargo.

The role of a financier in the framework of foreign economic activity?

The specialists of the Interlog company are multidisciplinary, which allows the client to receive comprehensive support of a foreign trade transaction. The main profile of our financiers is competent trade management and assistance on issues related to foreign trade contracts. The company's specialists will help in the organization of international cargo transportation and resolve the following issues:

* Transport conditions for foreign trade participants.

* Assistance in customs clearance of goods, purchase and receipt of necessary documents.

* Insurance of transported goods.

* Support of arbitration proceedings, etc.

The extensive network of partners and connections developed by Interlog allows us to guarantee the client a quick receipt of qualified support anywhere in the world. The company's specialists are ready to promptly resolve any issues that arise during the transportation of goods across the border, on all segments of the route.

At the request of the customer, we are ready to work out the terms of the foreign trade contract in strict compliance with the currency legislation, as well as provide the required regulatory legal acts. In addition, financial consultants will help in the calculation of customs payments, registration of a contract passport, registration of a foreign trade participant, representation of interests in customs authorities.

Financial consulting on foreign trade contracts

Consulting on the organization of export-import operations, the supply of goods, the search for reliable partners - all this is within the competence of a financial consultant. The help of this specialist is aimed at:

* Search for the most profitable and promising partners abroad and create a favorable ground for concluding a deal.

* Payment of current orders with confirmation of expenses (ensuring currency control).

* Cargo transportation and tracking along the entire route.

* Registration of customs documents.

* Payment of necessary fees, duties, commissions.

* Obtaining permits confirming the right to use the goods.

* Audit of taxation within the framework of foreign economic activity.

* Consultations on emerging issues.

What is financial consulting for?

As part of the planning of international cargo transportation, financial issues are not at the forefront. In order to properly issue a foreign trade contract involving the purchase of goods, its customs clearance and delivery, a full package of documentation is required. The task of a financial consultant is to provide answers to the following questions:

  • How to properly issue a foreign trade contract?
  • How is the commercial documentation issued?
  • How to pay for the goods on time?
  • How to calculate all upcoming expenses (customs duties, registration of permits, etc.)?
  • Interlog specialists are ready to solve each of the listed issues at a professional level and for a reasonable fee. The assistance of the company's specialists will ensure the implementation of a competent investment policy, strengthen financial control and establish control over the flow of funds within the framework of foreign economic activity. Cooperation with Interlog is a guarantee of stability, legality and transparency of your business.

    You can find out more about our services and make an appointment for a consultation on any issues on the company's website, as well as at the specified number.

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